Custom Pasteup Posters

$ 0.50

Getting your work up can be a challenge.  Nothing is worse than putting the work into finding a really good spot, only to be stuck with heavyweight printouts that take forever to get up and will only stick to fairly clean walls.

The solution?  High grade hand-printed newsprint pasters from The Church Of Davis.  We silkscreen our posters onto a super light newsprint sheet that not only goes up buttery smooth, but requires less time and paste and will adhere to more surfaces - letting you hit more spots in less time.

At only 50 cents apiece, our 12x18 color posters even beat the copy shop for price.

*Minumum order of 25 posters.

How to order posters:

1. Pick your image/design
2. Format your artwork - Illustrator/Corel vector is preferred, 300dpi jpeg works as well.  You can find artwork guidelines here.
3. Upload your design to and we will review it ASAP.
4.  Once your artwork is approved, you can order away!

*Repeat customers can skip the artwork step if you are just reprinting a previous design. 😎

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