Artwork Guidelines

Artwork submission guidelines:

Bitmaps - Please submit all images at print size or large at 300dpi resolution in JPEG format. (Print size means the size you want the final image to be.)  *Please note: resampling a small image to a large size WILL NOT improve the resolution.  

Vectors - Vectors are our preferred format for artwork - they have vastly superior line clarity and can be resized infinitely without losing resolution.  However - embedding a jpeg or other bitmap into an Illustrator file DOES NOT create a vector file.  Both Illustrator and Corel formats are accepted - for best results please make sure to close all curves and join separated nodes before sending as well as converting all text to curves and/or attaching the necessary font files to your artwork.

Don't have a computerized image or want to work from handdrawn/painted artwork?  We are a fully equipped digital service bureau and are happy to create your final image from an analog source.  Just drop us a line at and we will be happy to get things started.  (Artwork consulting fees begin at $25/hr. - all custom orders include 1 hour of complimentary studio time.)

Still feeling lost?  Send us an email and we will be happy to help you figure out where to start.