Custom Screen

$ 35.00

Screenprinting is one of the best DIY methods to make your own stuff, but to get that pro-level quality, those wooden Speedball frames and single bulb exposures just won't cut it.  Unfortunately, pro-level screens and exposure equipment can get expensive fast.

Have no fear!  The Church Of Davis is the home printer's best friend!  We offer high quality aluminum frames along with top end exposures to get quality screens in your hands at a fair price.

*This offer is for local pickup only.  Please inquire directly about screen shipping.*

How to order screens:

1. Pick your image/design (printable area of screens is 12x18)
2. Format your artwork - Illustrator/Corel vector is preferred, 300dpi jpeg works as well.  You can find artwork guidelines here.
3. Upload your design to and we will review it ASAP.
4.  Once your artwork is approved, you can order away!

*Repeat customers can skip the artwork step if you are just reprinting a previous design. 😎

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